20 September 2012

turning up the dyeing pot

It's been quiet in here, seems summer just isn't suited for blogging. The other day the air smelled different, an almost inaudible creak from the wheel of seasons indicating the wheel was turning a notch. A sudden need for steaming pots arose, and the world seemed instantly filled with leaves begging to be gathered ...

 Dyed (IKEA) curtains for the bedroom ...

Dyed a nuno felted top with various leaves (including some eucalypt from a swap with Monica)

Looks like tiny goldfish and bigger trouts in a strange sea ...

The inside is some kind of cotton gauze - perhaps it's IKEA curtains as well, I can't really remember. It's felted in one piece, seamed only under arms and sides. I like nuno felt edges, raw, but soft and natural looking.


  1. Mona, are all those euca you used from me? I have yet to print on felt with them. Went to collect more today just to find out eager grass cutters were quicker - not many left on the ground.
    The top has beautiful print design.

    1. The dark ones (trouts) down the middle of the front (and back) came from you. Thanks again! It's funny you have euca in Scotland when we don't have any here, must do something about that.
      Good luck finding leaves - and trying them on wool (euca loves wool) :)

  2. I love the imagery of fishes, it really ressembling !
    The curtains also turned out very delicate :)

  3. Your work is so inspiring!
    I'm happy I found you!

  4. Thank you so much, Anastasia - and likewise! :)