28 March 2012

spicing up things a bit ...

... with a couple of handfuls of onion skins.

Sowing cress on natural dyed wool, a handful of wool fleece simmered with onion skins for a few minutes. No need to rinse the wool, perhaps it will make the cress taste a little more spicy ...

 I received a sack full of hand-me-downs for one of the kids. In the bag there was also a wool sweater, which apparently took a turn too many in the washing machine and ended up felted and unwanted. I cut off the sleeves and made a deeper neckline.Then cut a ribbon from a sleeve and dyed it with onion skins. Handstitched it to the neckline, stitched a raven silhouette on the front from a scrap of natural dyed linen (an offcut from an old curtain, originally) and made a couple of pleats. A new, warm vest for free. I'm planning on using it all up, the remains of the sweater could be transformed into a much needed camera wrap. There's a peculiar satisfaction to repurposing, restyling and using every little bit and bob of discarded stuff.


  1. Fantastic and I really love the onion dye affect, very effective, beautiful piece of clothing...........

  2. I agree Mona. I love hand me down bags.