26 May 2014

The Nordic Pink

One of the exiting things about natural dyeing for me, is to find out more about the 'Nordic Colour Spectrum'. Or what the colour wheel would look like, dyed only with plants (including moss, lichen and mushrooms) found right here. I think the nordic equivalent to cochineal must be slÄenlav - Evernia prunastri - or oak moss. I found some windfalls in february, which have been soaking on the windowsill in a jar (water/household ammonia solution) since. A couple of weeks ago I transfered some of the now ruby red water to a jar, along with some wool yarn). Local sheep, local spun yarn and local dyestuff - Nordic Pink! Isn't it funny, how differently the different kinds of yarn turned out. Another thing I love about wool; full of surprises!

Do you have a favourite local plant, producing pink (or something similar)?