23 September 2012

happy conversations

While dyeing with japanese indigo today, I was wondering, what is is about dyeing that makes me so thrilled, happy and satisfied. It never ceases to wonder, all the different aspects about dyeing. The hidden secrets within the leaves, how to coax the colours in the gentlest way and the absolute pleasure of colours on wool and textiles. Maybe it's the conversation with Mother Nature that gives me this enriched sensation of beauty ... a conversation that can also be experienced when walking in the woods or by the sea, but still not quite the same though ...

I'll spare you for sharing every single thing I dye, but this top has an interesting twist, I think. It's made of silk chiffon with pieces of thin cotton sewn onto it. I dyed it with lots of onion skins (no mordant) whereupon I eco dyed the cotton parts with rose leaves. Makes you think there might be possibilities in more silk/cotton/leaves combos?


  1. You said the wonder of blue better than I did, but it is great feeling to get the blues:)

  2. Wondeful blue! We might have euca, but I have just learned we don't have enough warm days to grow indigo :). Mine have some leaves, yet it is still so tinsy, I would need a glasshouse of poly to get a good harvest. I hope to rescue some seeds if it ever gets t that stage.
    The top is interesting.

  3. Hi Monika, too bad about the indigo! I was pretty sure it would work in Scotland too. This summer - and the last one too - has been quite cold and wet, but the indigo has been fine. I suppose there would have been more indigotin in the leaves if the weather had been better, though. If your plants has started flowering, you can cut off a couple of stems with flowers and place them indoors in a vase untill the seeds has fully developed. Too cold for them to go to seed in our parts of the world. If it doesn't work I can send you some more ;)

  4. You've been nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award. If you like to play along with such antics, pick it up at http://colourcottage.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/reader-appreciation-award/ If you don't, your blog is still appreciated. ;)

    1. Oh, Thank you so much!! It's wonderful to be appreciated :0)

  5. Absolutely wonderful.

  6. Natural dyeing is such an exciting activity, isn't it ? It also makes me happy, it feels my heart with joy when I dye.
    I love the last photo, the layering is so beautiful, I would have never thought of layering (how silly is that ?) Gorgeous results !