02 February 2012

Walnut Ink

I found some black walnuts in a cardboard box behind the house. If I remember rightly, someone gave them to me almost two years ago. They were quite shrivelled, but undoubtably still full of dye stuff. So I boiled them in some water a few hours, strained the soup through a piece of muslin - et voilá: walnut ink! Testing:

Printing with home made eraser stamp and walnut ink. There seem to be endless possibilities with this magical potion. I'll keep you posted!


  1. WAW. You new blog is stunning.

  2. Oh, Mona, this is delightful ! And your handmade stamp is just perfect.
    I don't think it could get any better !
    I don't think black walnuts grow over here.
    I think that's the "English walnuts" that grow here.

    1. Thanks! :)
      I'm quite sure you can make walnut ink with all walnut species - just give it a go!

  3. It looks beautiful mona. I wonder if the color stays or fades.

  4. Thanks, Marchi!
    According to my old dyeing books walnut dye has the highest ratings for lightfastness.I should think that applies to the ink as well. You should try it :)

  5. Hvor fedt! Jeg kan se vi har samme interesser sådan over stort set hele linjen.