16 February 2012

burlap & eco dye fusion

There are all kind of weird ways to categorize people, one of them could be 1* people who pay their bills in time, never get late to a dinner party and always do as they plan. 2* people that don't. I for one belong in that second category. I don't feel that bad about it.

The 21th of July 2009 I bought this pattern, and only a few days ago I finally got around to make some. How about that? I had some eco dye fabric that was kind of insignificant, so I used it for the lining. The burlap is coffee sacks I got from my coffee pusher - Just Coffee - the best organic, fair trade coffee in the state of Denmark!

The coffee sacks comes from Mexico, my coffee pusher is american, the plants are local and so are the wool from which I spun the yarn in the bucket. It's kind of like the internet - it's a small world sometimes ...


  1. What a wonderful use for your eco dyed fabric (that, btw, I don't find insignificant)
    It naturally goes so well togther with burlap !

  2. I love these mona. aand the photography is really nice.

  3. Very nicely done! Like how you repurposed materials and also made them nice to look at.